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"I would highly recommend this course to my counterparts in the various offices across the country. It was truly a pleasure to meet you, and I thank you for your efforts and participation with my staff in reaching our overall


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Power Speaking for Women

Now You've Done It!

You have opened the door to being a more confident, concise, and engaging speaker and communicator. You have found a public speaking workshop for women where the curriculum serves you, is written with you in mind, and is guaranteed to increase the presence, poise, and power in your speaking and influencing capabilities.

Public Speaking Training For Women

You have found an environment where you, alongside nine other women are receiving the gift of feedback, the gift of in-the-moment coaching, the gift of encouragement, the gift of tools that will simply but profoundly address the roadblocks to your greatness as a communicator and public speaker.

Join us.

Each of us come to the public speaking and confidence building workshop for different reasons. Some a little polish here or there in an already solid speaking and influencing capability. Others to face a fear that they know exists, but do not know how to address. Still others simply feel that confidence and the ability to persuade and influence are critical skills. Skills that can enhance or, if left unaddressed, hold back their career. All are welcome and wil be served by joining us.

Power Speaking For Women is about empowering women in the workplace. True, it may not be the only answer, but it is a really, really, great one.

Take a look, invest in yourself or your people, and thank you very much.

Class Schedule

If you are interested in a Power Speaking For Women seminar please click here and let's see what we can do.

See what the most recent Power Speaking For Women attendees have to say!

Kevin (is) awesome, (he) knew (his) material and very inspiring to each person. (His) constant feedback on presenting made me comfortable and open to my new presenter future!

Very approachable and engaging. (I) was very surprised at how interested I remained over 6 hours! The material was presented in a way that is easily translated into my everyday life. He created a very relaxed atmosphere.

Very fluid, easy going, perceptive, insightful, good time management, great energy, personable, likeable and knowledgeable.

Kevin was a great facilitator. I really didn’t believe that he is a shy person as he said he was because he is a great presenter. I think he gave good feedback to the participants and was able to identify our individual needs.

I think Kevin did a fantastic job of personalizing the course to the strengths and weaknesses of each (of us). The stories and anecdotes made the key points flow well.

Top drawer. Incredible day, well spent. Kevin you know your stuff! Excellent. Was able to get the best out of each participant. Very constructive and encouraging feedback.

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Have Questions?

Q. Is this an open, single enrollment class or made for companies to bring into their workplaces?
A. Both. Our goal is to empower women in the workplace one woman or group of women at a time.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. $449.00 person with a light breakfast and lunch included. A gal has got to eat!

Q. How do I register?
A. Call us at 310-728-9263 or follow links above.

Q. How do I check dates and locations of your training?
A. Scheduled training is listed on this page. Don't see your city? No problemo! We will likely be there soon so let us know where you are.

Q. Can I earn credits for taking this seminar?
A. HRCI Credits are given for this class.

Q. What is the target audience for this class?
A. You, or any other woman desiring to improve her communication, confidence, and public speaking capabilities.

Q. How can I get more information?
A. Call us...let's talk @ 310-783-9263, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q. What is the typical class size?
A. 10 to 12. We insist on a small class to allow for the greatest amount of personal attention and coaching.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?
A. It's happened :) Mostly if we have multiple attendees or multiple classes from a single organzation.

So, how does it work?

On the day of our workshop we will meet and greet over bagels and coffee and calm our nerves a bit.

Then we begin. From the moment Kevin begins to speak, the class challenges your current capabilities, challenges your fears, challenges you. Each attendee will have personal opportunities to speak to the assembled group. Each attendee will be coached along the way as to what they specifically are doing well and where specifically they can improve. It is not an easy will be pushed out of your comfort zone and therein lies it's value. Six or so hours later you will be tired from the effort and exhilarated from what you have discovered...that is your most powerful and authentic speaking and communication self.

What can you expect to learn?

  • Engage with and manage fears of public really.
  • Find and exhibit the authentic presence, poise and power in your communications.
  • Master body language to serve your points.
  • Find your voice: tone, cadence, inflection.
  • Learn how to truly prepare for any meeting, speech or presentation.
  • Use of storytelling, analogizing, quotes.
  • Manage dominating colleagues and meeting situations.
  • Avoid crappy PowerPoint presentations.
  • Open and close with a call to action and a plan for what you want your audience to do, think or feel.

In short how to nail your presentations and become more influential by doing so.

Why does a man teach this class?

Kevin has a passion for teaching public speaking to anyone wanting to learn this critical skill and has done so for years. After enough women asked for a class of their own, dealing with issues and challenges they felt were unique to women, he decided to create this workshop. When you think of it, when a woman who attends the class puts her skills to use in the workplace there will be plenty of men around. Having a man, especially a supportive mentor, executive coach, professional speaker, public speaking coach, and all-around good guy in the room while practicing is valuable. The good guy part comes directly from Kevin.

KC Head shot copyKevin Catlin

“This class is for presenters of all levels of experience. I have worked with people who have never stood in front of a group before, experienced speakers, and everyone in between.

I care.

I will help you find your authentic voice, and we will bring out the best speaker you can be. Sure, great speaking takes practice but here is where you accelerate your journey or take your first step."

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HRCI PreApproved 2016 Seal4 recertification hours (from HR Certification Institute ID# 230957) awarded on completion of the course.