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“ISI’s work with GeoEngineers at our annual shareholders meeting was dynamic and extremely beneficial. Her ability to engage the audience was outstanding and we greatly appreciated her willingness to adapt the program to our specific needs. This was one of the



ISI's consultative approach is collaborative, directive and results oriented. ISI establishes trust and relationships quickly with clients in order to build alliances and focus on the strategic needs of the organization. One of ISI's strengths is the directive style in assessing, diagnosing and providing recommendations to address the organization's pain points. ISI understands how valuable time and money are, so time is spent achieving the right results and making every recommendation count! ISI knows each organization is unique and the recommendations should be too. There are no off-the-shelf approaches to solutions; ISI services are customized to fit the organization's needs and culture.
Please click on ISI's most utilized consulting services to read a description of the work we have provided for our clients. With over 15 years of experience, ISI prides itself on expertise in many consulting services, some of which are listed below:

Succession Planning

Performance Management

Team Alignment

Leadership Development

Strategic Planning

Conflict Resolution

Curriculum Design

Transition Planning

Process Mapping

Change Management