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"I would highly recommend this course to my counterparts in the various offices across the country. It was truly a pleasure to meet you, and I thank you for your efforts and participation with my staff in reaching our overall


Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning process is about gaining focus and creating a plan moving forward. It is designed to take a broad, strategic look at an Organization’s business. It's based on the premise that in order for an organization to thrive long term, it must get clear about its mission/purpose and the top 3 keys to its success (Key Success Factors—KSF’s) relative to its competition… and then strive to be excellent in these identifiable areas. This then leads to an in-depth analysis of the business (SWOT analysis--Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) that compares Organizations relative to the competition in all areas. Strategic goals and plans are written as an offshoot of these discussions. The last two parts of the process focus on 1) how to prepare/equip the team to achieve the goals and 2) execution strategies.

Read a client brief relative to Strategic Planning:

Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Top Down Consulting on 1) Strategy Development, 2) Performance Management, 3) Team & Process Alignment, 4) Succession Planning

ISI has provided strategic consulting with the COO and her executive management team specifically in the areas of strategy development, cross functional team alignment, process improvement, performance management, staff development and most recently succession planning. The list of internal clients within the MTA who have utilized ISI’s services include the COO (Carolyn Flowers), Deputy Executive Office of Labor Relations, Deputy Executive Office of Safety & Security, Sector and Division Management.

"ISI was instrumental in transitioning my management and team realignment. As these issues were tackled, ISI supported the team in building our goals and work plans to position us to launch our efforts for the current fiscal year. The efforts on the team alignment issues have led us to more analysis of our future needs to sustain the organization. ISI role was (critical) in moving Metro's Bus Operations towards the next level of workforce development."

Carolyn Flowers, COO
Metropolitan Transportation Authority