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"Insight Strategies has been a powerful partner of ours for several years. Teri and Kevin provide invaluable coaching advice, personally and professionally. They have helped us with everything from time management and conflict resolution to staying motivated in challenging times.


Leadership Development

Self Awareness, Strategic Thinking and Skill Building are foundational elements to any leadership initiative ISI undertakes. A fluent leader must possess vision, ability to rally support and enthusiasm, integrity, authenticity, excellent communicator, coach/mentor, have a good eye for talent, contagious optimism, curatorial skills (knows the business).

How is your managerial bench doing against this list? What processes, training and coaching are in place to ensure your managers are equipped with these skills?

Leadership has always been about gaining followership. Great leaders have the ability to move people in a direction that serves the organization as a whole. These behaviors come naturally to some and not so easily others. That doesn’t mean these skills can’t be developed! That’s where ISI fits in. ISI’s job is to create the internal processes which will build these characteristics into your people and into the DNA of the organization itself. The programs are personal and thorough. ISI is known for creating long-term behavioral shifts because trainings are not about "feel good" or "quick fixes." ISI’s coaching and training require an honest desire on the part of the participants to learn, grow and continue the journey as a leader within his or her own personality.

Read a client brief relative to Team Alignment:

Murphy O’Brien
Leadership Development

ISI has provided management consulting to Murphy O’Brien (M/O), to assist in building leadership infrastructure and succession layers into the organization. Through consulting, coaching and training efforts the focus has been on strategy development, process improvement, organizational structure recommendations, performance management systems, reward incentives, and leadership development. The result has been, turning a sales central /top down organization into a strategically focused organization with leaders at all levels contributing to their overall success. The past two years they have been awarded Top 5 Best Places to Work in the LA Business Journal, have enjoyed sales growth that outpaces the industry and have 3% voluntary turnover compared with 25% industry wide.

"Thank you so much for teaching me the importance of delivering authentic feedback to our direct reports. I brought a lot of the tools that you have supplied me with into this meeting with xxx and am very pleased with how it went. Thank you!!!"

Susan Pasarow, Senior Vice President
Murphy O’Brien Public Relations