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"Thank you for the coaching tips. They prove I am not too old to learn."
- John Catoe, General Manager, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Client Testimonials for Insight Strategies

 testimonial ac transit

“Strategic planning and performance management are critical to the success of an organization. Development of an efficient and effective team can be challenging. I have utilized Insight Strategies, Inc., in my strategic planning effort at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), the Transportation Corridors Agency, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) and now at AC Transit. Teri Fisher is intuitive and has the expertise necessary to pull together a multi-disciplinary group of professionals in the development of a strategic initiative and drive performance management throughout the organization. An initiative developed for the organization with professional guidance and input from its leadership team is the format required for success.”
- David Armijo, General Manager


"I would highly recommend this course to my counterparts in the various offices across the country. It was truly a pleasure to meet you, and I thank you for your efforts and participation with my staff in reaching our overall goal, which is to achieve optimal performance on the part of all individuals in the office. The suggestions you made were taken very seriously, and in fact, I've implemented several to date with a good result. I think it was very important for my staff to realize the benefit of an "outside" influence promoting the ideals of my corporation. The feedback that I received from my unit managers was excellent. Likewise, the training from the staff was also positive and indicated they felt the training experience was a great benefit."
- Judy Slattery, Manager, AIG Claim Services

 Big Blue Bus

"I really appreciate the pep talk and advice Teri gave me prior to my recent recruitment ordeal, and of course, I appreciate all the training, coaching, lessons, insights, observations, reminders, feedback, encouragement, challenges, feedback, and help you and Erin have provided me (us) over the last several years that have enabled me to take on this challenge. And yesterday I learned just what a challenge it is.....”
- Joe Stitcher, Deputy Director, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus

testimonial-citi logo

"Kevin impressed me a great deal by really learning our business; I was confident that his advice and training applied to us. Your passion for your work and your commitment to delivering value exceeded my expectations."
- Jim Poe, Executive Vice President, Sales Division, CitiFinancial

 Clatsop Community Bank

"Kevin Catlin and Insight Strategies was hired to coach an executive at the bank. The results, quite simply, exceeded my hopes and expectations. I would recommend ISI without reservation!"
- Steve Ferber, CEO, Clatsop Community Bank


“Insight Strategies has transformed the Eno Center for Transportation's transit mid-manager program and positioned it for growth in the coming years. Insight focuses on developing concrete skills, which allows our students to have an immediate impact on their home organizations. Building leaders—versus just managers—lies at the heart of the Insight team’s philosophy. I highly recommend the Insight Strategies team for any training or strategic management projects in the transit industry."
- Alex Bond, AICP, Director, Center for Transportation Leadership


"I wanted to provide you feedback following our final discussion on Friday following the 2 day training you provided for our Black Belt group. The group unanimously felt you hit the mark exactly for what they needed. I know we condensed quite a bit, but they felt the two days were well worth it and not too rushed. They particularly found great value learning this material as a Black Belt group and that you did a great job "flexing" the agenda to their needs. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. Thanks for helping make our first company-wide Black Belt session a success!"
- Jill Morgan, Master Black Belt, Entergy


“ISI’s work with GeoEngineers at our annual shareholders meeting was dynamic and extremely beneficial. Her ability to engage the audience was outstanding and we greatly appreciated her willingness to adapt the program to our specific needs. This was one of the best sessions we have ever had at our annual meeting. The strength of her messages continues to resonate with our team. We will be recommending Teri to others as an excellent partner in improving our business practices.”
- Kurt Fraese, CEO, GeoEngineers


I have utilized Insight Strategies in my strategic planning effort at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), the Transportation Corridors Agency, and now at Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART). Teri Fisher is intuitive and has the expertise necessary to pull together a multi-disciplinary group of professionals in the development of a strategic initiative.”
- David Armijo, CEO, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit


“ISI was instrumental in transitioning my management and team realignment. As these issues were tackled, ISI supported the team in building our goals and work plans to position us to launch our efforts for the current fiscal year. The efforts on the team alignment issues have led us to more analysis of our future needs to sustain the organization. ISI role was (critical) in moving Metro’s Bus Operations towards the next level of workforce development.”
- Carolyn Flowers, (former) COO, 


"Insight Strategies has been a powerful partner of ours for several years. Teri and Kevin provide invaluable coaching advice, personally and professionally. They have helped us with everything from time management and conflict resolution to staying motivated in challenging times. They are truly the best in the business and any individual would benefit in a significant way after even just one session with them!!"
- Allyson Rener, President, Murphy O’Brien


“During MV Transportation’s (MV’s) 3-year partnership with Insight Strategies (ISI), there are three primary areas with which ISI provided invaluable service and support- conducting a comprehensive training assessment and audit of MV’s training program (MVU), revamping MVU and its approach to learning and development and developing and delivering key training to MV employees (Performance Management, GM Leadership Excellence, Selection for Success—Recruiting & Interviewing). Over the years, ISI has been an important part of MV’s efforts for developing its leaders. I would recommend ISI to any transit organization for their unique perspective and understanding of the transit world.”
- Quote from Vicki Wells, VP of HROD


“I think you are like a secret weapon at times and I know you have helped (us) better develop (our) strategic skills.”
- Beth McCormick, GM of Transit, Orange County Transportation Authority


"I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for all your patience, mentorship, and coaching throughout this past year. I very much respect your efforts and I'm grateful for your continued efforts toward making me a better leader and OCTA a better organization. Beyond that, I am thankful for your friendship!"
- Paddy Gough, Executive Director of Human Resources & Organizational Development


"Over the past year, the SCRTTC has worked with Teri Fisher from Insight Strategies and her team, to develop its first ever 5 Year Strategic Plan. An important part of the process was to assess the SCRTTC’s current state, relative to its training programs and organizational effectiveness, as a whole. Teri conducted a SWOT Analysis and Needs Assessment that illuminated the necessary changes in the consortium’s course offerings, approaches, curriculum, instructor quality, and how it measures training effectiveness. The assessment also uncovered gaps in perception between the Board and the SCRTTC’s member base, as well as training usage by users and non-users of the Consortium’s services. Through these assessments the SCRTTC was able to develop strategies to address the issues and opportunities and incorporate them into the Strategic Plan. I personally want to thank Teri and her team for their tenacity, dedication, expertise and collaboration on this important effort. It was a joy working with you all.”"
- Rolando Cruz, Vice President and COO of the SCRTTC


“Teri is one of the best consultants I have had the pleasure of working with at Sun Microsystems. She not only designed and facilitated a top-notch course called "Managing Upwards" for our corporate university but was also asked to be a master facilitator for one of our core management courses at Sun. I also asked her to come to Europe while I was stationed there to teach these courses for my client groups, knowing that she would not only do an excellent job but also that she would be able to adapt the courses to the various cultures.”
- Claudia King, (former) HR Business Partner, Sun Microsystems


"Thanks to you for getting our team ready for their next challenges."
- Scott McNealy, (former) CEO, Sun Microsystems

testimonial-United-Online “Kevin and the team at Insight Strategies were able to become a true business partner and help me develop an internal training program and implement it effectively. The ability to understand the needs and culture of our organization and develop a program that supported both the needs and the culture, made it a complete success!”

- Mark Monitello, Vice President, Staffing, United Online


"Thank you for the coaching tips. They prove I am not too old to learn."
- John Catoe, General Manager, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority