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"I really appreciate the pep talk and advice Teri gave me prior to my recent recruitment ordeal, and of course, I appreciate all the training, coaching, lessons, insights, observations, reminders, feedback, encouragement, challenges, feedback, and help you and Erin have


Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Services Provided:
Team Alignment

Client Brief:
ISI was asked to provide consultation/facilitation to realign the executive team after problems emerged from internal strife, media scrutiny and recessionary forces necessitating severe budget cuts. This resulted in silo’d and territorial behavior, personal agendas and undercutting to protect departmental turf. ISI was tasked with getting WMATA back in alignment and build a new team strategy. The success of this assignment has led to an on-going consultative relationship with the executive team that includes performance management, integrated problem solving, goal cascading, Board and Executive alignment, 1:1 Executive Coaching

Client Testimonial:

“Thank you for the coaching tips. They prove I am not too old to learn.”

John Catoe, General Manager