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“ISI’s work with GeoEngineers at our annual shareholders meeting was dynamic and extremely beneficial. Her ability to engage the audience was outstanding and we greatly appreciated her willingness to adapt the program to our specific needs. This was one of the


United Online

United Online

Services Provided:
Training and Curriculum Development

Client Brief:
In the fall of 2006, Insight Strategies was contracted to create and perform presentation skills and first time supervisory skills courses for the United On-line group companies. In 2008, Insight Strategies became the sole source of all Supervisory and Managerial Skills programs (curriculum development and delivery) for the organization. Courseware included: Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Coaching and Feedback, Change Management, Conflict Resolutions and Strategies, Influence Upwards, Communication Across Workgroups, First Time Managers Course, Leadership Strategies, Negotiations, and Performance Review / Management Courses.

Client Testimonial:

“Kevin and the team at Insight Strategies were able to become a true business partner and help me develop an internal training program and implement it effectively. The ability to understand the needs and culture of our organization and develop a program that supported both the needs and the culture, made it a complete success.”

Mark Monitello, Vice President, Staffing