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“Kevin and the team at Insight Strategies were able to become a true business partner and help me develop an internal training program and implement it effectively. The ability to understand the needs and culture of our organization and develop a


Orange County Transportation Authority

Orange County Transportation Authority

Services Provided:
Succession Planning Development & Talent Management Consultation

Client Brief:
Over the past four years, Insight Strategies has worked in partnership with OCTA’s Training & Development team on the development and execution of a succession planning and talent management process. The process was prompted by the need to address the impending managerial void due to large numbers of managers becoming eligible to retire in the next 5-10 years and thereby create a bench of talented leaders to fill the pipeline. Additionally, the succession planning process served to address the attraction and retention challenge that OCTA was facing. In collaboration with the OCTA Succession Planning Advisory and Steering Committees, the following consultation has been (but not limited to) provided by ISI:

  • Success Measures
  • Leadership Competency Development
  • Buy-in strategy for key influencers
  • Organizational Leadership Readiness Assessment & Talent Review–Systematic process that identifies “high potential” employees across four criteria: Performance, Potential, Readiness and Desire
  • Leadership Development Program for selected “high potential” employees—“Step Up”
  • Executive and Management Coaching as needed
  • Career Development Planning process
  • Transition Planning Process
  • Messaging and Marketing consultation

Client Testimonial:

“I think you are like a secret weapon at times and I know you have helped (us) better develop (our) strategic skills.”

Beth McCormick, (former) CTS Manager/ (current) GM of Transit