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“ISI’s work with GeoEngineers at our annual shareholders meeting was dynamic and extremely beneficial. Her ability to engage the audience was outstanding and we greatly appreciated her willingness to adapt the program to our specific needs. This was one of the


MV Transportation 

MV Transportation

MV set aggressive growth goals and determined that leadership effectiveness was essential to its overall success as the rates of promotions accelerate, expectations were elevated and the need to retain its best and brightest heightened.

Over the course of 3 years ISI partnered with MV to completely overhaul MV University in support of these goals. ISI served as their organization-wide adjunct Learning and Development arm. As part of their succession planning and leadership development initiative, ISI created from start to finish, both an on-boarding process for new General Managers and developed curriculum for a multitude of programs directed towards developing leaders (see below):

  1. General Manager Leadership Development Program*:
    1. GM Orientation & On-boarding
    2. GM Leadership Excellence: People, Processes & Strategies (Part 1)
    3. GM Leadership Excellence: People, Processes & Strategies (Part 2)
  2. Performance Management Webinar Part 1—“How to Write and Deliver Annual Performance Reviews & Plans”
  3. Performance Management Webinar Part 2—“Dealing with Underperformers” (PIP)
  4. Keynote presentation at their GM All Hands annual meeting on the topic of, “Leader as Coach.” At the GM All Hands semi-annual meeting facilitated a workshop entitled, “Organizational Change & Personal Accountability”
  5. Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring Program titled, Selection for Success
  6. Maintenance Manager Leadership Development Program:
    1. MM Orientation
    2. MM Leadership Excellence: (Part 1)
    3. MM Leadership Excellence: (Part 2)
  7. General Manager College Recruit On-boarding and Trainee Program

As a complement to revamping MV University, ISI consulted with and worked side by side with the Executive Vice President of Human Resources in the areas of vision casting, succession planning, staffing, HR processes, performance management, branding, internal communicating and messaging, and roll out of all programs.

In an effort to ensure that the Board, executive leadership and all managers are informed regarding the MVU revamp, programs, direction and overall strategy, ISI created a monthly Communication Newsletter that explained key milestones.

* General Manager Leadership Development Program: 3-Parts

GM Orientation & Onboarding– to be completed in the first 30 days on the job. Regional Vice President (RVP) driven.
GM Leadership Excellence: People, Processes and Strategies (Part 1): Professional Skills Development – this is a three day course that occurred 90 days after the GM Orientation. Instructor led.
GM Leadership Excellence: People, Processes and Strategies (Part 2): Strategic Skills Development – this is a three day course that occurred 150 days after the GM Orientation. Instructor led.

MV Transport

The GM Orientation was meant to establish clear and realistic expectations about what to expect during the first few months on the job and provide an overview of what’s needed to be successful as part of the MV Transportation team. Additionally, it was designed to run GM’s through the compliance related elements of their job.

The GM Orientation Guide was structured with the goal of encouraging GM’s to be resourceful by directing them to the website, key people and specific MV Manuals.

Client Testimonial:

“During MV Transportation’s (MV’s) 3-year partnership with Insight Strategies (ISI), there are three primary areas with which ISI provided invaluable service and support- conducting a comprehensive training assessment and audit of MV’s training program (MVU), revamping MVU and its approach to learning and development and developing and delivering key training to MV employees (Performance Management, GM Leadership Excellence, Selection for Success—Recruiting & Interviewing). Over the years, ISI has been an important part of MV’s efforts for developing its leaders. I would recommend ISI to any transit organization for their unique perspective and understanding of the transit world.”
Quote from Vicki Wells, VP of HROD