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“ISI’s work with GeoEngineers at our annual shareholders meeting was dynamic and extremely beneficial. Her ability to engage the audience was outstanding and we greatly appreciated her willingness to adapt the program to our specific needs. This was one of the


Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Services Provided:
Top Down Consulting on 1) Strategy Development, 2) Performance Management, 3) Team & Process Alignment, 4) Succession Planning

Client Brief:
ISI has provided strategic consulting with the COO and her executive management team specifically in the areas of strategy development, cross functional team alignment, process improvement, performance management, staff development and most recently succession planning. The list of internal clients within the MTA who have utilized ISI's services include the COO (Carolyn Flowers), Deputy Executive Office of Labor Relations, Deputy Executive Office of Safety & Security, Sector and Division Management.

For two years ISI has facilitated strategic goal development within Operations using the SMART goal methodology. This ensured that all goals had qualitative and/or quantitative success measures. ISI then recommended and thus facilitated quarterly goal follow up sessions whereby executives challenged progress relative to the intention for all goal groups. This process lead to many goals being accomplished, namely, warranty recovery dollars in the millions, Accident investigation processes that drove a decrease in accidents by 0.2%, efficiency improvement relative to M3, and Managerial SOP development, etc.

Client Testimonial:

"ISI was instrumental in transitioning my management and team realignment. As these issues were tackled, ISI supported the team in building our goals and work plans to position us to launch our efforts for the current fiscal year. The efforts on the team alignment issues have led us to more analysis of our future needs to sustain the organization. ISI role was (critical) in moving Metro’s Bus Operations towards the next level of workforce development.”

Carolyn Flowers, COO of Metropolitan Transportation Authority