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"Insight Strategies has been a powerful partner of ours for several years. Teri and Kevin provide invaluable coaching advice, personally and professionally. They have helped us with everything from time management and conflict resolution to staying motivated in challenging times.



Long Beach Transit

In support of the new CEO and his 100 day plan, ISI provided consultation relative to strategies, processes and people. As a starting point, ISI conducted an Organizational Assessment involving all levels of the organization to ascertain baseline perceptions, strengths and areas of improvement. Recommendations were made which included (but were not limited to) organizational structure changes that better established and supported accountabilities at all levels, fixing problems, establishing and institutionalizing performance management throughout the organization and equipping employees with the skills necessary to execute on newly defined strategies and processes. To this end, ISI has been consulting and collaborating with the HR department in the area of performance management as well as on supporting processes of performance management, i.e. compensation parameters, succession planning, performance improvement processes. Other deliverables have included: creating and delivering a presentation titled Performance Management 101 – intended to educate all non-union staff, assisting with creating a (temporary) Transitional Employee Evaluation Form, creating and conducting workshops for all managers and supervisors on the transitional process, rolling out the form with their teams, writing the evaluations and tips on delivering.