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“I think you are like a secret weapon at times and I know you have helped (us) better develop (our) strategic skills.”
- Beth McCormick, GM of Transit, Orange County Transportation Authority

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for all



Gardena Municipal Bus Lines

Insight Strategies, Inc. (ISI) works with Gardena Municipal Bus Lines’ Management and Supervisory Teams to equip GMBL with the skills necessary to lead, manage, engage and supervise front-line employees effectively and in line with GMBL’s vision. The effort includes team alignment, conflict resolution, roles and responsibilities clarification, building trust and communication within the team and upward.

Insight Strategies conducted a needs assessment and based on the one-on-one interviews with executive and supervisory teams, and focus groups of front-line staff was able to identify specific content for the supervisory training.

The needs assessment and competency findings confirmed the direction of the training sessions. Before leadership skills were introduced, the team addressed issues within the supervisory team and between upper management levels. With that as the backdrop, ISI recommended a series of half-day sessions over the course of 2-3 months which first focused on team building and then moved into leadership skills training. Sessions would integrate adult learning theory anchored in role plays, simulations and critical thinking. Some of the key concepts covered were:

  • Insight Strategies GR2ASPTM Team Model
  • Listening Assessment
  • GMBL Needs Assessment
  • Listening
  • Team Building without Time Wasting
  • Personal vs. Positional Power
  • Feedback Model
  • The Communication Cycle
  • Accountability
  • ISI Engagement Styles™
  • Brainstorm Solutions as a Team
  • ISI’s 7 Steps to Conflict Resolution™
  • Leadership
  • Coaching & Counseling
  • Perception
  • Supervisor Presentations
  • Influence
  • Team Building
  • Prepare Business Cases
  • Sustain and Reinforce

In between sessions, supervisors were given application assignments. Application assignments gave the supervisors an opportunity to put concepts learned in the sessions into action. Each session thereafter, supervisors were asked to report to the group their experience using the new skill(s) in a coaching roundtable format.

Insight Strategies also provided coaching for the upper Management team as needed throughout the process for alignment and reinforcement of training.