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“Kevin and the team at Insight Strategies were able to become a true business partner and help me develop an internal training program and implement it effectively. The ability to understand the needs and culture of our organization and develop a



Eno Center for Transportation

In 2014, Insight Strategies was chosen by the Eno Center for Transportation Leadership to transform its biannual Transit Mid-Manager Seminar. The program is tailored specifically for mid-level managers in public transportation agencies and companies that serve the transit industry – this includes public and private transportation agencies, private sector partners, union leadership, and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

The transit mid-manager program, which has been offered since 2010 and has trained over 200 transit professionals in leadership skills and transit organization management, was in need of a refresh to make its content more relevant and applicable to today’s mid-manager audience and to address current and future transit trends.
ISI approached the task with two aspects in mind: What have past participants enjoyed or found valuable in the course? And secondly, what are the key skills that GMs and CEO’s have identified as necessary in future leaders at this level? To that end, ISI conducted an extensive review of alumni evaluations which assisted with us retaining popular components of the program. Next, in conjunction with Eno, we drafted and conducted a survey of General Managers and transit CEOs across the United States to ascertain their training needs and desired methods. The nearly 60 survey results helped ISI to craft effective content that will successfully serve transit mid-managers now and for years to come.
The new and refreshed transit mid-manager content, developed by ISI, addresses the following training topics: strategic versus tactical thinking, the critical role that mid-managers play as translators between upper management and front-line employees, leadership skills, business ethics, mitigating stress, communication skills, coaching for performance, diversity awareness, labor relations, generational differences in the workplace, team and trust building, and emotional intelligence.
Content development was just the beginning of ISI’s extensive partnership with Eno. ISI has worked side-by-side with Eno’s leadership as a trusted advisor and has facilitated every aspect of the transit mid-manager program including: marketing and advertising, applicant selection, choosing and conducting a pre-course 360 degree leadership assessment tool, one-on-one coaching, sourcing of guest speakers, content facilitation and project management.
Thanks to ISI’s established relationships and partnerships throughout the transit/transportation community, the two 2014 transit mid-manager seminar offerings (New York in August and Southern California in October) have full attendance and several organizations have already expressed interest in the 2015 course offerings.
Client Testimonial:
“Insight Strategies has transformed the Eno Center for Transportation's transit mid-manager program and positioned it for growth in the coming years. Insight focuses on developing concrete skills, which allows our students to have an immediate impact on their home organizations. Building leaders—versus just managers—lies at the heart of the Insight team’s philosophy. I highly recommend the Insight Strategies team for any training or strategic management projects in the transit industry."
Alex Bond, AICP, Director, Center for Transportation Leadership