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"I would highly recommend this course to my counterparts in the various offices across the country. It was truly a pleasure to meet you, and I thank you for your efforts and participation with my staff in reaching our overall


Central Intelligence Agency

Central Intelligence Agency

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Teri Fisher (operating as a Partner of Impact Productions—the company’s former name) provided training and consulting for five years with various international teams within the Directorate of Intelligence (DI).

Training and consulting occurred in the areas of strategy development, team interactions, leadership development, influence, communication, diversity, gender diplomacy, customer service, career development and change management. All of the work performed was customized to the needs of the designated team.

ISI also provided consultation and training to Affinity Groups (minority advocate groups) within the Agency, focusing on strategic planning, team building, leadership development, communication, career development, and marketing and promoting themselves internally.

ISI developed and delivered an open enrollment, "Secrets of Success" program to the DI whereby over 15% of the DI employee base signed up for the course over a three month period of time. This far surpassed this program’s expectation for an open enrollment, voluntary course. This was a custom developed course that focused on the nuanced differentiators (or unspoken rules) of being successful within the Agency.