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"I really appreciate the pep talk and advice Teri gave me prior to my recent recruitment ordeal, and of course, I appreciate all the training, coaching, lessons, insights, observations, reminders, feedback, encouragement, challenges, feedback, and help you and Erin have



Access Services

Services Provided:
Succession Planning, Leadership Training, Coaching, Organizational Development Training

Client Brief:
Over the past year, Insight Strategies has been providing consulting, training and coaching to Access Services' Executive Director, Senior Management Team, Finance Team, and key individuals. This has included team building, process mapping operation's functions, building an employee competency model and updating the performance system to match the new desired behaviors, training on new performance management system and coaching skills, and continued trusted advisement to Executive Director and key senior employees. This work resulted in marked improvements of services, team interactions, individual leadership capacity, personal accountability, and employee satisfaction with the Senior Management Team.


  • On-time performance (91% on time) improved and standardized. (Process Mapping)
  • Streamlined operating processes at AP, RS, DC and procurement levels by looking at ways to improve what was currently being done. (Process Mapping)
  • Directors and Managers conducting performance reviews and pay increases done without Executive Director making final decision. (Performance Management System)
  • Able to backfill open positions immediately with internal interim candidates that had been identified. (On-site Coaching)
  • Director's leadership capability increased and handling more decisions as delegated by Executive Director easing her capacity. (Senior Team Team-Building and Onsite Coaching)
  • Finance team working better as a team and with others in order to address risk, audit, and finance reporting. (Team Building and Leadership 360 w/ Finance Team)

Client Testimonial:

"Access Services originally approached Insight Strategies to assist us in aligning all of the staff to new mission and vision statements. Their role has expanded and increased over time to include such things as employee development and revising our performance appraisal process. Our method had become stagnant and a re-work of the entire appraisal process was long overdue. Since that time, Insight Strategies has worked extensively with Access Services on numerous fronts, specifically related to Succession Planning, Strategy Development, Team Alignment and Goal Execution. The results have been nothing short of outstanding. Not only do the trainers consistently perform well in communicating their material, but their data and information are always relevant to the needs of our organization. Access Services continues to be thoroughly impressed by Insight Strategies. Their unmatched knowledge and effective methods have truly helped this organization reach its full potential. Thank you Insight Strategies for a job well done!"

Shelly Verrinder, Executive Director