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I have utilized Insight Strategies in my strategic planning effort at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), the Transportation Corridors Agency, and now at Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART). Teri Fisher is intuitive and has the expertise necessary t


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You Can Do Better

I joined the Army in July of 1976 but had to wait four months to turn 18 before I could be shipped off to basic. I was not a great soldier... Sure, I could manage my job as a Crew Chief for a UH-1H, "Huey," Helicopter. Sure, I was a pretty good door gunner and qualified every year ​  by shooting an M60 machine gun while hanging from the side d...
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Transit CEO Interview Series - Kevin Catlin with Carolyn Flowers

Carolyn Flowers – Senior Vice President, AECOM- Former CEO, Charlotte Area Transit System – Former Chief Operations Officer for Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) – Former Acting Director for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Carolyn Flowers joined AECOM in March 2017 as Senior Vice President, Americas Transit Mar...
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Congratulations on your promotion Julio!

Julio Vidal of New York City Transit is the new Senior Director for Electrical & Station Training for Operations Training.  
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New manager takes wheel at Golden Gate Transit

Friend and colleague of Insight Strategies and graduate of the Eno Transit Senior Executive Mona Baubata. Congratulations Mona, Golden Gate Transit chose wisely. Original article here. Novato resident Mona Babauta is the new manager of Golden Gate Transit, a system with 400 employees and a $90 million operating budget. (Sherry LaVars/Special to Mar...
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Robert (Bobby) Schneider

Robert (Bobby) Schneider, Eno Center for Transportation Transit Senior Executive Program graduate, friend and colleague to Insight Strategies has been named General Manager to the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission. Insight Strategies is honored to know Bobby and wishes him and his family the best in this move. Congratulations Bobby...
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Leadership and Ex Felons

Kevin Catlin interview with Pastor Joseph Hamilton;: Reclaiming the men of the inner city, one life at a time. January 3, 2017 In my work as a leadership trainer and coach I am always on the lookout for persons that exemplify what it means to be a leader. It serves us to be constant students. Meet Pastor Joseph...
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Transit CEO Interview Series: Brad Sheffield (Jaunt)

Insights from Insight Brad Sheffield, Executive Director at JAUNT December, 2016 The Insights from Insight interview series aims to gather the collective wisdom of the most accomplished and seasoned General Managers and CEO' s in t ransit and transportation. These are men and women who have spent entire careers leading and managing steeped in the d...
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What can business people learn from a Navy Captain?

A leader learns the power of praise to raise ROI and productivity on his team Feedback Coaching for performance Motivation From "It's Your Ship" Captain Michael Abrashoff. Hatchett Book Group Publisher. I have a high school friend and we have a typical military rivalry in that I was in the Army Air Cavalry, he a Marine pilot. I should give up on th...
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Performance Management Solutions For Transportation and Public Agencies

As specialists in performance management and improvement, Insight Strategies is proud to formally introduce its Transportation and Public Agencies division. With over 20 years of experience providing executive training for transit managers situated in large metropolitan cities and smaller rural and regional agencies, we help our clients answer the ...
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Transit CEO Interview Series: Kenneth McDonald

We recently sat down with Kenneth McDonald the CEO of California's Long Beach Transit authority to learn more about his perspectives on employee engagement, leadership, and creating an unbeatable company culture. Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, McDonald moved to Georgia to attend Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, where he e...
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Transit CEO Interview Series: John Catoe, Jr.

We recently sat down with John Catoe, Jr. the former general manager of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to learn more about his perspectives on employee engagement, leadership, and creating an unshakeable company culture. For over three decades John B. Catoe, Jr. has contributed greatly to the extension and enhancement of public ...
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Make Your Meetings Matter - Power Speaking For Women

Power Speaking For Women is a course I designed and I deliver for professional women who strive to be more polished, poised, and persuasive public speakers and communicators. Our company site http:// Mondays are often meeting days. Make them count! Public Speaking and Confidence Training For Women One tip for today, is aro...
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Stop Persuading. Start Influencing.

During our " Power Speaking for Women " workshops as well as any presentation skills courses I run, I like to ask the attendees: "Show of hands…who likes olives?" Several hands will raise. I then tell them, "I don't, but since you do, I want you to convince me to like them." And, then pick someone to do the convincing. Persuasion In Public Speaking...
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Don't Let The Urgent Crowd Out The Important

That's me and Claire…she now looks me straight in the eyes when we stand together. I am sitting at my dining table on a beautiful day in Los Angeles. Sunshine pours through the windows and I can see the Hollywood sign 25 miles or so in the distance. The scene makes me introspective, inviting me to think: How will I motivate myself this year? What a...
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What leaders do.

Leaders appeal to our need to feel we are a part of something bigger than just the work. That our role , no matter how humble , contributes to the goal . Who can you pull aside today, and as plainly as possible acknowledge their efforts and thank for playing an important role within the team itself. Visiting the night shift, the receptionist, the c...
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Frederic Douglass: Salesman of the year!

Dayton Ohio, July 4th in 1862: Independence Day. Frederic Douglass, a self taught fugitive slave, lifelong abolitionist, acquaintance and future friend to the President of the United States Abraham Lincoln is scheduled to speak to the large crowd gathered for a 4th of July party. The smell of food cooking fills the air and everyone is getting restl...
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Power Speaking for Women / Who wants to be influential?

" Seek first to understand and then to be understood" -Steven Covey During our " Power Speaking for Women " workshops I like to suddenly ask the attendees: "Show of hands…who likes olives?" Several hands will raise. I then tell them "I don't, but since you do, convince me to like them," and then pick some one to do the convincing. "Wellllllll, they...
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Power Speaking for Women / "Make Your Meetings Matter"

"Make Your Meetings Matter" In our (PSW) workshops we do a piece called "running with the wolfpack." It is an exercise in how to disagree publicly with a colleague, (in this case an overly aggressive one), without losing your focus, cool or ability to influence the decision makers in the room. The exercise is an acknowledgement that while it is imp...
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