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I have utilized Insight Strategies in my strategic planning effort at Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA), the Transportation Corridors Agency, and now at Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART). Teri Fisher is intuitive and has the expertise necessary t


What leaders do.

Leaders appeal to our need to feel we are a part of something bigger than just the work. That our role, no matter how humble, contributes to the goal.

Who can you pull aside today, and as plainly as possible acknowledge their efforts and thank for playing an important role within the team itself. Visiting the night shift, the receptionist, the cubicles or walking the new hire around is a start to a new way of leading all your people. It just takes habit, practice and a desire tp grow as a leader. When you are out there...

1. Ask them if there are other ways they think they can contribute to the team outside their basic responsibilities.

2. Ask them for feedback on the work all of you are performing…they know.

3. Ask them what they need to be successful.

"You manage activities, you lead people" - Admiral Grace Hopper

4. As you progress in your effort to be more connected to your people, work on both thanking and acknowledging them for (S)pecifically, what did they do or are doing. The actual (B)ehavior displayed or the (R)esult achieved. And finally the (I)mpact. How did their actions contribute to you, the company at large, the team, etc.

Want more personal leadership from those in you are charged with leading? Pull someone aside and use the S B/R and I method of feedback. Works like a charm if the feedback is constructive as well.

Simple, effective.


Don't Let The Urgent Crowd Out The Important
Frederic Douglass: Salesman of the year!


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Sunday, 05 July 2020