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Clatsop Community Bank

"Kevin Catlin and Insight Strategies was hired to coach an executive at the bank. The results, quite simply, exceeded my hopes and expectations. I would recommend ISI without reservation!"
- Steve Ferber, CEO, Clatsop Community Bank

Performance Management Solutions For Transportation and Public Agencies

As specialists in performance management and improvement, Insight Strategies is proud to formally introduce its Transportation and Public Agencies division.

With over 20 years of experience providing executive training for transit managers situated in large metropolitan cities and smaller rural and regional agencies, we help our clients answer the question that has been plaguing C-level management for decades: Why do some transportation agencies execute with excellence while others falter?

Learn how Insight Strategies helps its transit clients plan and implement practical strategies that emphasize company culture and shine a spotlight on the importance of employee engagement.

What can business people learn from a Navy Captain...
Transit CEO Interview Series: Kenneth McDonald


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Saturday, 11 July 2020