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Make Your Meetings Matter - Power Speaking For Women

Power Speaking For Women is a course I designed and I deliver for professional women who strive to be more polished, poised, and persuasive public speakers and communicators.

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Mondays are often meeting days. Make them count!

Public Speaking and Confidence Training For Women

One tip for today, is around "the meeting". Especially the one we call "dealing with the wolf-pack." A wolf-pack at Power Speaking workshops is that dynamic where we have the very strong voices drowning out the softer or oftentimes the perceived "weaker" voices. In my classes I have had exceptionally capable, quietly powerful women who believe that they are not being taken as seriously as they would like. They believe that if they speak up too vigorously, they will be perceived as a (fill in the blank.) I assure them that while that is possible, consider the alternative? To not be heard? To not be taken seriously enough? To not be on the shortest list of successive leaders because we are seen as being good at our work but not leadership material? No, I say.

Business Training For Women: Being Assertive, Influential, and Persuasive

If you want to run with the pack, then until you own the company, run with the pack. I suggest that a simple thing like not speaking up when you disagree on a key point or in a meeting is to agree? "But I don't agree" they will say. "Yes you did." "By not speaking up in that wolf- pack means you agree." We then paint a basic scenario to work with. You want to influence the meeting stakeholders with an idea or project. Team dynamics being what they are, you may be in an disagreement with others over your idea. Let's call the others Fred. Fred is a trusted, long time member of the team. Fred is also a wolf. Fred is willing to shout down any disagreement. Fred will emphatically argue against your idea. You need to be able to handle Fred. If the conversation is "who or what will get the green light," consider this... Your argument is only partially with Fred. Your goal should not be to "beat" him but ask the decision makers. So when Fred starts to attack your idea, hear him out for a reasonable time, maybe asking a question or two for clarity, then interrupt him.(yes I said it), "Fred, while I appreciate your position (wait a beat or two) , and your experience has always been valuable to me, in this case we disagree." Remember, you don't need to convince him and you probably won't. Then physically turn to the persons who will make the decisions and make your case powerfully and passionately. If Fred wants to interrupt or speak over you, and he will, don't let it happen. A short, decisive, "hold on a sec!" is fair and understood, especially in a "wolf pack." Giving in, or up, too soon so as not to appear too aggressive is a recipe for not being heard.

Empowering Women In The Workplace

If you change our mindset and not make it about you and him but about being influential in your organization - you will be more successful in doing so. We bosses/business owners want that in our teams...ALL members of our teams. In short don't be sideswipped and either shut down or argue with your antagonist but influence and persuade the major stakeholders.

Simple and effective.

To your success.

Transit CEO Interview Series: John Catoe, Jr.
Stop Persuading. Start Influencing.


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Sunday, 05 July 2020