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"Kevin impressed me a great deal by really learning our business; I was confident that his advice and training applied to us. Your passion for your work and your commitment to delivering value exceeded my expectations."
- Jim Poe, Executive Vice


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Power Speaking for Women / Who wants to be influential?

" Seek first to understand and then to be understood" -Steven Covey During our " Power Speaking for Women " workshops I like to suddenly ask the attendees: "Show of hands…who likes olives?" Several hands will raise. I then tell them "I don't, but since you do, convince me to like them," and then pick some one to do the convincing. "Wellllllll, they...
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Power Speaking for Women / "Make Your Meetings Matter"

"Make Your Meetings Matter" In our (PSW) workshops we do a piece called "running with the wolfpack." It is an exercise in how to disagree publicly with a colleague, (in this case an overly aggressive one), without losing your focus, cool or ability to influence the decision makers in the room. The exercise is an acknowledgement that while it is imp...
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