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"I really appreciate the pep talk and advice Teri gave me prior to my recent recruitment ordeal, and of course, I appreciate all the training, coaching, lessons, insights, observations, reminders, feedback, encouragement, challenges, feedback, and help you and Erin have


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What can business people learn from a Navy Captain?

A leader learns the power of praise to raise ROI and productivity on his team Feedback Coaching for performance Motivation From "It's Your Ship" Captain Michael Abrashoff. Hatchett Book Group Publisher. I have a high school friend and we have a typical military rivalry in that I was in the Army Air Cavalry, he a Marine pilot. I should give up on th...
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What leaders do.

Leaders appeal to our need to feel we are a part of something bigger than just the work. That our role , no matter how humble , contributes to the goal . Who can you pull aside today, and as plainly as possible acknowledge their efforts and thank for playing an important role within the team itself. Visiting the night shift, the receptionist, the c...
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