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Insight Strategies, Inc. (Insight) is a management consulting and training company based in Torrance, CA. Insight has been consulting, coaching, training, facilitating and speaking to an influential list of American, multi-national and international organizations since 1994.

Insight is best known for being outcomes-based with measurable, tangible results. Insight understands the nuances of “moving” individuals, teams and organizations toward their vision for the organization. Insight's ability to build relationships, develop trust and create momentum is as important as our technical capabilities.

Organizations perform at their best when strategies, direction, objectives and goals are clear and aligned; when processes are employed to drive effectiveness, accountabilities and strategies; and when the right people are in the right positions with the requisite skills to execute on its mission and stated goals.

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25 October 2018
I joined the Army in July of 1976 but had to wait four months to turn 18 before I could be shipped off to basic. I was not a great soldier... Sure, I could manage my job as a Crew Chief for a UH-1H, "Huey," Helicopter. Sure, I was a pretty good door ...
16 May 2017
Transportation and Public Agencies
Carolyn Flowers – Senior Vice President, AECOM- Former CEO, Charlotte Area Transit System – Former Chief Operations Officer for Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) – Former Acting Director for the Federa...
03 May 2017
Colleagues, client & partners of ISI in the news
Julio Vidal of New York City Transit is the new Senior Director for Electrical & Station Training for Operations Training. ...
27 April 2017
Colleagues, client & partners of ISI in the news
Friend and colleague of Insight Strategies and graduate of the Eno Transit Senior Executive Mona Baubata. Congratulations Mona, Golden Gate Transit chose wisely.Original article here.Novato resident Mona Babauta is the new manager...
13 April 2017
Colleagues, client & partners of ISI in the news
Robert (Bobby) Schneider, Eno Center for Transportation Transit Senior Executive Program graduate, friend and colleague to Insight Strategies has been named General Manager to the Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission. Insight Strategies...
26 January 2017
Kevin Catlin interview with Pastor Joseph Hamilton;: Reclaiming the men of the inner city, one life at a time.January 3, 2017 my work as a leadership trainer and coach I am always on the lookout for persons that...